Hark, Hear Hear!

henricus-soldier he Citie of Henricus, the site of the second permanent English settlement in the New World, contributed greatly to the colonization and eventual founding of our nation. Henricus Historical Park pays tribute to the Native Americans and English settlers who established a new nation out of what was then Virginia's western frontier.
The major focus of the Henricus Citie Militia is to work hand-in-hand with Henricus Historical Park to reenact the history of the site and provide the finest entertainment experience to Park visitors. Our members are among the most knowledgeable and experienced 17th century re-enactors in the nation and have provided countless volunteer hours to Henricus Historical Park.

400 years ago the hardship of disease and famine encountered at Jamestown led the English settlers to seek a more defensible and healthful place to settle. Sir Thomas Dale wrote "Eighty miles up our river from Jamestown I have surveyed a convenient, strong, healthie, and sweete site to plant a new town." On this site was established the Citie of Henricus named in honor of Henry, Prince of Wales. The Citie of Henricus is just as beautiful today. After fifteen years of hard work and planning by Henricus Citie Militia members we are ready to celebrate the Henricus Quadra-Centennial.